रैखिक समीकरण

An equation is a statement that helps us understand the equality between two or more variables, and constants. A variable can take various values. Its value is not fixed. We use letters x, y, l, m, ... etc. to denote variables. On the other hand, a constant has a fixed value. x+3=7 is an equation where x is a variable and 3 and 7 are constants.

The word 'equation' is derived from the word 'equal'. An Equation is a statement which defines the equality between variables and constants. The addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of a number on both sides does not disturb this equality. Here we will learn various forms of equation like ax=b, a/x=b. We also learn methods to solve an equation.

We can solve a variety of real world problems using simple equations. We start by forming an equation corresponding to the problem, the solution to this equation can then be found and applied in the real world!