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मुख्य कॉन्टेंट

यूनिट 5: ध्वनि (Sound)

इस यूनिट के बारे में

There are sounds all around us. But the clap of your hand sounds very different from that of a flute. Why? How sound is produced? How do we hear it? Why do we sometimes hear echoes? Are there sounds that we can't hear? In this chapter, we will explore these and many more such questions.

When you clap your hands or play music, you hear a sound. But what is sound? And how sound is produced? That's the topic of this lesson.
You may have heard echoes when in the mountains, whereas you may have heard annoying reverberations in empty halls. You would have seen doctors use stethoscopes to hear your heartbeat. All these things have one thing in common, reflection of sound. In this lesson, we will explore the reflection of sound.